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 Cover every exploitive industry

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Euthanasia brigade

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: Cover every exploitive industry    19, 2010 3:12 pm

Regardless of the un-ignorable message of the O.O.S movement which I personally totally agree with, you cant ignore the attempt to cover every expletive industry existed including a few that humans are the victims and not the tortures.
Just a few examples:
About fish - counted by kilograms and tons & The Mindless Massacre
About less known Entertainment industries - Live like the animals & When it comes to exploitation the ingenuity is limitless
About Leather- not a by product
About bears gall bladder industry - A Tap In The Gall bladder
About peramrin - Pain Accelerator Pill
Bout exotic pets - Decoration
Cockfighting - Handle! Yells The Referee
And even the world debt in compassion spin
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Cover every exploitive industry
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